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The Dark Matter Digital story

Your digital partner for growth™

01 // We're Dark Matter Digital, a team of multi disciplinary professionals disrupting the "norms" of traditional agencies to become your digital parter for growth.

Your digital partner for growth™ is more than just a slogan. We believe in creating lifelong partnerships with the brands we work with, and utilize our expertise and passion for our craft to create remarkable outcomes.

Whether you are a new startup looking to bring your aspirations to life, or an established brand or organization looking for a digital transformation, we are here to help you navigate an ever evolving and complex digital landscape.

Backed by rock solid data, we help craft digital strategies, design brands, develop websites, build applications, and launch digital campaigns to cement long term growth and professional partnerships that last a lifetime.

All in all, we focus on helping business leaders and partners transform their brand through our passion for impactful digital solutions and strategies.

Brandon Holt,
Founder & CEO

Dark Matter exists to drive impactful change for people and brands through our digital strategies.

2017 - 2023
2,141 days in business
working with brands that create the future

We launched in 2017 with the intent of being a disruptor to the typical "agency system". The existing trend was all talk and no action, as creative industries became bogged down with meeting and after meeting, instead of work after work.

Today, we use our creativity - the thing we know best - to help brands across the United States and Canada further develop their brands that will create the future.

our values
Thinking big

We leave simple behind. No matter the project, we ask ourselves how this will fit the overall digital strategies and success of your brand. We never work with a narrow minded scope.

Building work we believe in

We utilize our skills as an expert digital agency to help set your brand apart from others in the space. Using creative design, developing unique websites, or strategic marketing campaigns, we aim to be others inspiration.

Establishing trust

100% transparency on all of the work we do. With a focus on integrity, in all of what we do, and the partnerships that we develop.

Being authentic

Every brand has a unique story. Uncovering that story, displaying it, and aligning it with your brand's promises. We provide unique "1 of 1" content with all of our work.

Having fast communication

We act quick to respond through efficient action, centered on effective and speed. We stay in communication - pre, during, and post project.

Being results driven

Everything we do is focused on obtaining the best results possible. We aim to grow, surpassing new digital milestones with every interaction together.

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