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Search Engine + Social Media Advertising Campaigns To Skyrocket Revenue.

World-class digital marketing
with expertise in paid advertising


Reach your target audience across all social channels
With over 1 billion in active users (with Facebook alone) your brand, it's products and/or services can be shown to high targeted traffic with great intent. At Dark Matter Digital, we used advanced advertising techniques to ensure that your ads are most effective, targeting the highest-intent audiences, while maintaining a high conversion rate and lower CPC resulting in a great ROI.

Google ads

Ads shown to where your audience is searching
Paid search campaigns can be effective like Google Ads, and Google Ads management.
With an efficiently setup Google ads campaign and on-going management, you will experience lower CPA's (cost per action), higher-intent traffic, and high ROI.

Landing page development

Customized keyword research and targeting
strategies to reduce spend inefficiencies.
We use advanced keyword research and targeting techniques like single keyword ad groups (SKAGs), negative keyword additions, and n-gram analysis to refine and expand our keyword targeting and reduce unnecessary ad spend.

Drive buy-ready leads with strategic and scalable campaigns.
We put you in front of your customers, wherever they go looking.


Grow Your Business With
A World-Class PPC agency

Dark Matter Digital is able to spend 67% more hours on your account compared to other ppc agencies
- all while increasing leads by 84% and reducing your cost-per-action.
ppc and crowd


We take a strategic approach to pay-per-click marketing
and conversion rate optimization to improve performance


We perform an in-depth analysis of
historical performance and tailor our PPC campaigns
to reach your target audience


We work with a diverse group of networks
to ensure that our ads are being seen
by the right customers
ppc management

Intergrated PPC Management

We integrate our marketing partners like Google, Bing and Linkedin
to ensure that we expand our coverage to all important advertising platforms

Campaigns that drive the leads you want,
backed by strategies that convert.

conversion rate optimization


A winning combination of

Every ad is optimized to appeal to your target market. Every landing page is A/B tested to get the best results. We pursue every avenue we can to improve your PPC performance.


Peronsalized Attention =
More inbound leads

We handle ALL of your advertising needs: from landing page development, to copy to targeting. It's all done for you, in-house by your mission control team (us). You don't need to lift a finger, just sit back and watch your PPC results roll in.

inbound leads
SEO network


The best networks to reach your target audience

Your PPC agency is only as good as its connections. That’s why we work with the best networks to get your targeted ads in front of the right customers—the people looking for you who are hungry for what you have to offer.

A/B testing

Intergrated PPC advertising

Successful paid advertising extends
beyond Google Ads

You don’t want to be stuck missing your target audience. With platforms like LinkedIn and Bing Ads, we expand our ad campaigns across multiple search and social media networks to ensure that we maximize our coverage.

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