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We create premium, bespoke websites for Lake Mary businesses that are expertly designed and developed, mobile-responsive, search optimized and are ready to bring a rush of new traffic, increase leads and grow your revenue.

Is your website outdated and underperforming?

We hear these common pain points all the time. If this sounds all to familiar, get in touch with us - we can help.

Website is under performing

Our website is underperforming.

For years you've just been getting by with your old site, but now your competition has invested in a website redesign and is now stealing your traffic and leads.

Website is hurting brand

Our site is hurting our brand.

Cheap website templates may be a decent start - six years ago -However a custom website design by a Lake Mart web design company can tie together your branding & credibility.

Expert website design company orlando

We tried to do it ourselves. Help please...

You thought Nancy in HR could pull something together after developing her HOA's website with Wix - now your conversion rate is in the tanks and your loosing leads left and right.

Our Lake Mary web design + development capabilities

Web strategy
User Experience (UX)
Site planning / sitemap architecture
eCommerce website development (Shopify)
Prototyping & hi-fidelity mockups
Mobile responsive website design
Website migrations
Content management systems (Wordpress, Webflow)
Low code / no code solutions (Webflow)
Full stack development + database architecture
API's & Webhooks
Page speed optimization
Landing page development
Orlando web design


Why trust us with your next web design project?

When you work with us at Dark Matter Digital for your Orlando website design and development project, you're not only working with a company that sees you as another number. We help you grow your business with effective, data-driven strategies. We take a holistic approach to conquer your goals with a lifelong digital agency partner.

Lake Mary website designWebsite sitemap

Web design that motivate visitors with functionality that empowers marketers

Quality is a main topic at Dark Matter Digital. We use a multi-faceted approach when it comes to the websites that our expert Lake Mary website designers develop. We ensure that your new website is well received by your visitors and customers - that they are enjoying the new website experience and are taking the proper conversion actions.

We also ensure that your new digital real estate is marketing-ready. When we take on a new project, we ensure that your website will increase your positions across organic search, and are properly constructed to maximize any paid marketing efforts such as search engine marketing or social media marketing.

With every new website design partnership - here is what we bring to the table:

- Award winning website & UI/UX design
- Modernized workflow, tools & automation
- A/B testing
- Responsive website design
- Smart SEO & digital marketing planning

Your website is an exstension of your brand. We get that, and it should be developed to perform.

A well designed website provides you with a sense of who the company is, their credibility, and what they have to offer. We explore the differences between a good website, and an award winning website - is the value prop clear? Do they have messaging that connects? We pair expert branding solutions with expert website design and development for a perfected digital strategy.

Websites that are optimized and on brand


Award-winning website design tastefully partnered with rock-solid website development leads to remarkable results


What a web design partnership with us looks like

As a Lake Mary website design company, we value honesty and transparency - and we believe that results truly come from a mutual understanding and working diligently together. This is what working with us for your next website design project looks like:

Discovery & strategy

Our project kicks off with onboarding which includes setting goals and understanding priorities. From there, we dive into strategy and research, looking at your competitive landscape and identifying the website’s positioning within the marketplace.

Direction & alignment

During this second stage, we take a look at visual inspirations and curated design directions via mood boards, which can include websites, graphics, colors, typography, imagery, and more. Aligning on the general flow and content of the website is key to start designing.

Website design & refine

Pen to paper…or cursor to Figma. For most projects, the homepage is always the initial focus. We use this first page as a design guideline for the rest of the site and create several homepage options based on our scope. From there, we pick a direction, make refinements, and extend to other pages and elements.

Development + QA

For most sites, we use Webflow, the fastest and most flexible web solution for both developers and clients. For ecommerce, our platform of choice is Shopify. Websites are optimized for all screens (desktop, tablet, mobile), and rigorously checked for accessibility, speed and overall performance.

Content + imagery

High-quality imagery and effectively written content take a website from good to great. Our team offers web copywriting that puts a voice to your brand by building on strategy to inspire action from your audience. We put together the finishing touches by art directing any website visuals, and collaborating with photographers to ensure your product puts its best foot forward.

Launch + migration

Our websites are built for speed and performance:  compressed imagery, headers, metadata, connected Google Analytics, SEO-optimized and more... End result - happier users, and better business. We are also migration experts, which means moving to a new platform, like Webflow, is smooth, secure, and traffic isn’t impacted.
Lastly, a 30-minute training is standard upon handoff that will allow you to edit designs and content with ease.

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