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Internatonal Education
Corporation Colleges
Project Role:
- Website Redesign
- Visual Brand Refresh
- UX Strategy
- Global Site Overhaul

IEC Colleges needed a corporate brand refresh and a redesign of their website for a better display of information for their faculty and students, both prospective and current.

Challenge & Solution

The Challenge

IEC Colleges recently went through a rebranding effort to parter with their new marketing efforts. The marketing team of IEC Colleges noted that their website was not up to brand standards, hard to navigate for faculty, enrolled students and prospecting students.

Amongst others, IEC Colleges did not provide a direct avenue for website visitors to select what college or campus and what state they intended.

The Solution

To update the IEC Colleges website up to par with their company rebrand, including visuals, updated imagery, and a more cohesive, straight-forward user experience.


Seamless user experience

One of the biggest issues IEC Colleges faced was highlighting the differences between their schools, what each school offered academically, and t campus locations.

We took a straight-forward approach by implementing school overviews, their campus locations, programs and related student/faculty news.


a clear-cut message

As an employee owned business, IEC Colleges wanted to drive their foundational message of being an employee owned business. We used clear and concise messaging and tone throughout to website to highlight exactly that.

We thought of a traditional leadership team page approach was best. Crisp, clear headshots and a keyword detailed bio of each leading member of IEC.


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