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Litterer Groupe
Project Role:
- UX Audit
- Website Design
- Branding
- UI Review
- Global SEO
- Multi Location System

The Litterer Groupe and Dark Matter Digital engaged at a critical point in Litterer's marketing evolution. As they grew to the largest industrial partners in Germany, they had one problem. The website was last updated in 1996 (we aren't kidding), their new website provided by us included a brand overhaul, style guide, and a multi-location employee content management system (CMS).

Challenge & Solution

The Challenge

Ultimately, the Litterer Groupe's website was outdated and did not instill a high level of brand authority, a cohesive brand voice, and did not establish a clear call to action. While Litterer had a huge desktop user presence, mobile optimization was non existent and current content and important information was hidden throughout their massive sitemap.

Thus, Dark Matter Digital set out to revitalize an important and well-known German brand.

The Solution

As we investigated further, we realized the missed potential pertaining to their individual locations and the specific services offered at these locations. Dark Matter Digital carefully crafted a UX-focused website to make locational searches, their respective services and clear calls to action visible and dominate.

With the updated website, Litterer and Dark Matter Digital established a concise brand message, branding guidelines and more to maintain and maximize their marketing effectivness.


cohesive and
strategical menu

Through an impactful navigational experience, Litterer's website breaks down their user experience through two main "sectors". First, a visitor can search for a location nearest them via a custom geo-locating plugin and see the services offered at this specific location.

Secondly, a user can search for a service in need - whether corrosion protection, scaffolding, fire protection and more, and then find respective locations supportive of this service.

by the numbers

Increase Organic Traffic
Average decrease in load speed
Increase in Conversions

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