Vapica CBD

Overcoming digital restrictions - a brand that stands out above the rest

Our introduction to the team at Vapica was an instant reminder of what we as a digital marketing agency forget from time to time. Simply, how easy we have it knowing we can publish content, self-advertise our brand; openly across all platforms without much of a second thought. With Vapica CBD, they approached us with a dynamic issue, "we need the absolute best website and SEO because we cannot advertise through Google and Facebook." Our SEO, web development and branding teams joined forces to set out on this awesome mission. It was apparent that traffic and growth needed to be self-sustained through a rock solid SEO strategy, a UX-friendly website and memorable branding. Their brand revitalization scope included a fully-custom e-commerce website partnered with an intensively-researched SEO plan. This cohesive design system went full-circle, including updates to their logo and packaging.

Our Design Process

Brand centric color palette - Patone colors are used throughout the website and packaging. Can you say uniqueness is memorable? Vapica wanted their name to stand out over their competition, and their funky, pop, high contrast colors do just that. The charismatic illustrations build depth of the brand, allowing for product images to pop out of the page and draw attention.

Supporting Illustrations - UNIQUE. Our graphic and design team had a field day developing custom website illustrations, supporting icons, and interactive displays throughout the project. From the web site design to social media imagery and gifs, Vapica's uniqueness makes it a top contending brand amongst a high-competition crowd.

Positive Collaboration Will Bring You Full Circle

With these new brand elements working as a team, Vapica CBD experienced growth with their consumer following and revenue, by eliminating wholesale, and increasing margins through direct sales. By defining Vapica's cohesive design language from the beginning, our work helped bridge the gap for many years of growth to come. We want to thank our friends over at Vapica CBD. It was a great experience contributing to their business growth and opening the door to in-house sales, marketing, and further product advancements.