Crandall Fitness

Crandall Fitness is a New Mexico based fitness equipment manufacturer. The founder - Shaun Crandall was always passionate about fitness and particularly having an at-home gym. This passion sparked the drive to build Crandall Fitness with aspirations to be the largest fitness equipment manufacturer in the United States.

Crandall Fitness approached Dark Matter Digital to help migrate their startup website off of Squarespace, and develop an on-brand, user focused website that allowed for custom shipping rate flexibilites.


Website design
Website development
Search Engine Optimization

Sold in the first week post new site launch
New keywords ranked
Increase in website visitors
Increase in website sales YoY since launch

The Solution

For this project, our website and SEO teams at Dark Matter Digital worked in parallel to rollout a new website for Crandall Fitness. The design team focused on a designing a website that was on-brand and had a pleasurable experience for the website visitor that allowed them to quickly view products, learn about product implementation and make a purchase.

Our SEO team was tasked for ensuring all existing product pages and website pages were properly redirected, and overall enhancements were made to Crandall Fitness' existing SEO strategy.

With a custom solution in place, we provided the functionality for certain products needed to be shipped via freight - to be selected as freight shipping along with standard shipping methods - which no CMS to-date fully supports.

In conclusion

As some of us are fitness junkies ourselves, we got down with the lingo and throughouly enjoyed working alongside Shaun and the Crandall Fitness team. We were thrilled with the outcome of this project and the amount of success we could assist in generating for Crandall Fitness post site launch.

As we continue to work with Crandall Fitness strenghting their search engine optimization on an on-going basis, we aim to strengthen our partnership for years to come.

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