Team Democracy

Team Democracy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, representing all Americans in our shared commitment to defending and strengthening the most essential cornerstones of American democracy.  Our signature initiative is the nonpartisan Safe and Fair Election Pledge.  With their robust partners, and with the help of like-minded Americans across the country, they work tirelessly to reduce polarization.  

Team Democracy identified Dark Matter Digital as the best choice for implementing their vision of a new website that was robust, and adaptable to consistent updates and change. Supported by a dependable and robust custom database solution to acquire the "signatures" of The Election Pledge, as well as integrating in a API-driven database to show people their elected representatives - on a federal and local level - a database of almost 3 million points.


Creative Identity
Website Design
Webflow Development
API's / Integration
Database Architecture
Email Marketing

Pledge Signatures
Increase in new traffic
Dollars raised through website
in first 90 days
Increase in organic traffic

The Solution

Our team took the task head on, offering a variety of solutions that would best meet the needs of TD's team. Ultimately, TD opted to develop their website using Webflow as their front-facing CMS solution, and our team developed a custom database solution using a combination of React.js, and a variety of API's and Integrations to achieve the automation of pledge signers as well as the ability to show visitors their elected officials and ask them to sign the pledge.

As a registered non-profit, it was important that we tackled not only the objectives of the website requested by Team Democracy, but implemented a robust system to capture the ability of website visitors and pledge signers to donate to the cause. Our team implemented a donation system allowing for one-time and recurring donations capture and tied the system in with the pledge signatures, as well as a stand-alone feature.

In conclusion

Our team was thrilled to work for such a great group of people, behind a cause that every American can get behind - safe and fair elections and protection of our Democracy. To date, our team and Team Democracy are continuously working together - from an e-commerce store launch, to email marketing campaigns.

As we look forward to the 2024 elections and beyond, we're thrilled Team Democracy choose us as their partner.

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